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The Guizhou characteristic snack - in dried bean curd
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Mountain under the Green River Estuary has a most characteristic streets -- victory street. Both sides of the street house hang from the eaves of one or several bamboo weaving a monolayer of Bamboo-Hat-Shaped big airing basket, the sun filled l inch square, but O.3 cm thick translucent sheet goods, this is in dried bean curd.

The dried bean curd is used in Millennium Longjing Pavilion special wells, the Fanjing Mountain Area pollution-free soybeans, special technology and unique sun hat rack. Its production process is unique : first featured large, plump, good gloss of soybeans with new Longjing water immersion; with the filtered pulp, boiled pulp with slow fire, do not open the hull; bean curd without gypsum, brine, homemade soup. After compression, chopped, add salt, spices are added in the cooking pot, then used a special thin knife cut into uniform slices, placed in a special airing basket to dry in the air, until the color yellow, soybean oil infiltration, transparent. The dried bean curd is a.

Dried bean curd of nearly hundred years history. 33 years Guangxu ( 1907 ad). Tofu bean curd in Jiangkou County small workshop production, from Sichuan, Hunan and other places come back around the devotees to the Buddha Mountain worship. During the primary, in Tongren, in the western missionaries, also put in dried bean curd as a precious items, gift friends and family back to Europe and the United states. Now the river dried bean curd is more unique gift. In recent years, the mountain is in leading the rapid development of tourism, tourists coming to the tourists in a continuous line, tofu has become a tourist hot demand, a golden week down, 13 dried bean curd processing households almost every family out of stock. Although the traditional type of small workshop management, but every year hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue to the residents.

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