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County green tea cultivation standardizes demonstrative area project through the assessment examination
From:Tongren daily Post time:2012-12-11 11:25:44 Visited:1883

Recently, county green tea cultivation standard demonstrative area project smoothly through the National Standardization Management Committee assessment, project construction overall achieve the tasks of phasic requirement, appraisal conclusion is excellent.

The National Standardization Management Committee inspection team on-site inspection of the Jiangkou tea standardization demonstration area, access to relevant information and according to the evaluation requirement item-by-item scoring. Inspection according to inspection, summarize and affirmation of the demonstration zone construction can promote work experience and highlights, but also pointed out the problem of existence, put forward three proposals, one is in the tea industry to further increase the brand strength, enhance value-added products; two is to increase the standard system issued the progress of work; three in the tea industry to promote the process, enhance standardization consciousness, realize the standardization and industrialization of organic combination.

It is reported, this county green tea cultivation demonstration zone project is the seventh batch of national standard demonstrative area is one of the project, by prefectural people government, county quality and Technical Supervision Bureau takes the lead, tea do contractors, agriculture and animal husbandry science and Technology Bureau to participate in national agricultural standardization demonstration area project.

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