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Eguchi Nobutocha becomes rich new way
From:Jinqianzaixian - Guizhou daily Post time:2012-12-11 11:24:32 Visited:1781

Jinqianzaixian inquiry nearly two years, county farmers processing their own wild vine tea sadly popular, become tea lovers to buy and drink to share, demand exceeds supply.

According to incomplete statistics, the county of wild vine tea approximately in 2000 mus of above, mainly distributed in China, filial piety, Taiping, de Min river villages and towns such as anger. Ampelopsis grossedentata tea known as Dragon Boat Festival, in the County folk drinking has nearly hundred years history, is not only a kind of pure natural green drinks, is also a kind of effective health care performance strong wonderful tea, for arrhythmia, myocardial ischemia, hypertension, coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis and vascular disease has better prevention effect. It is rich in dietary fiber, carotene and vitamin E, the cancer has better prevention effect. The manganese content is high, and is beneficial to longevity. In Gram-negative bacteria, influenza A and B virus showed inhibition. Main product has obvious blood pressure, antipyretic and antibacterial anti-inflammatory effect, taste good, is the body of harmful substances " clean liu ".

The author from the county of tea do understanding to, now not only the local epidemic began to drink from, but many outside persons also to buy vine tea products, the product demands exceeds supply, become a farmer to become rich and way.


                               Author: Mao Yongzhao Yang Zaiqing Yang Minfa, editor: Li Mao


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