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Jinqianzaixian inquiry early spring season, Taiping Township Walled Village people hold, many villagers are cultivated seedlings of slope of barren mountain barren of ampelopsis. Reportedly, Beijing research and development will be the Fanjing Mountain wild vine tea as important research projects, investment 24000000 yuan and in Fanjing Mountain Yunfeng wild plant development company to develop the Fanjing ampelopsis.

Fanjing Ampelopsis grossedentata aka Longxu tea, its rich variety of amino acids, trace elements, plant flavones optimization, can effectively improve the body's own immune ability, by the medical community as " the human health ".

At present, mountain wild vine tea area achieves 15000 hectare. To make the Fanjing vine tea industry, county planning, in the protection of 15000 hectares of wild vine tea base, in the mountain of Taiping, filial piety, dam, de min disc, officer and development of villages and towns 1500 hectares of artificial vine tea base, build a vine tea processing base, production of various kinds of vine tea products.

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