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The Royal tribute tea code before Chui buds
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In Fanjing Chui buds are produced in the ecology is known as the kingdom of Wuling mountains, county territory, where an average elevation of 1500-1800 meters mountain, where the environment is good, climate is distinctive, especially suitable for the growth of tea, from infestation. In Fanjing Tsui bud - bud leaf delicate, color Cuixiang quiet, mellow taste type the United States, is the tea Jiapin, at the same time as the spring air temperature is generally low germination in limited quantities, the slower growth rate, can achieve picking crop is very few, so has " Mingqian tea is as precious as gold " say, its quality characteristics for, selected high-quality tea buds produced, flat appearance, like sunflower seeds, implicit was rare, green color, aroma of the Yue bazoo, along with fresh floral fragrance, taste mellow and refreshing, sweet aftertaste, soup yellow-green light, Securinega green regularity, fresh leaf election materials research, process fine, its good quality, flavor good, unique style, with sweet, fragrant high durable, dip drink, or a hanging or standing water, the bottom of the cup, or like a spring green, has the extremely high values, appreciation effect. The tea, color Cuixiang high, after brewing Tsui bud Yiyi sinking, standing cup, drink a lead a person to endless aftertastes, green tea treasures, to drink this tea with high culture and the spirit of enjoyment, is gifting.

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